About Me

What makes me different

As an interior designer and realtor for over 10 years I have learened to take both my skills and combine them to not only help you find a house but make it your home 

Combining my fields to better help my Buyers

Most first time home buyers today are wanting a turn key home but can't always afford it. I often help my buyers to consider a undervalued home and can give them an accurate cost to fix it up which not only gets them a home they can afford but a home unique to their style and comforts. 

Combining my fields to better help my sellers

I often meet sellers who need to sell their home quickly, but don't have the home ready for the market just yet, Doing both interior design and real estate for so many years makes it easy for me to help establish necessary upgrades, fixes or finishing touches to help your home stand out from the crowd and get you  your best asking price.